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Great Britain. Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Found in 40 Collections and/or Records:

NHBS 11: Papers relating to the revision of the British Laws of the New Hebrides by Mr. B. C. Ballard.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-NHBS 11
Scope and Contents

These records form part of the Western Pacific Archives (MSS & Archives 2003/1).

Dates: 1971.

NHBS 12: High Commissioner's Court for the Western Pacific records.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-NHBS 12
Scope and Contents

I. Court Minute and Evidence Books. 1932–1965. II. Judicial Commissioner's handwritten notes of Court cases. 1909–1918. III. Indexes and Registers. 1909–1968. IV. Orders, Rules and Regulations. 1893–1955. V. Court Cash Books. 1937–1959. VI. Various files relating to Court cases and other papers. 1909–1969.

Dates: 1909 - 1969

NHBS 13: Land records.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-NHBS 13
Scope and Contents I. Registers of Land Claims and of Indentures, Titles, Bills of Sale, etc. 1902–1953. II. Land Claims Applications for publication. 1913–1914. III. Copies of Land Claim Documents registered in Western Pacific High Commission Registers A, B, and C. 1912. IV. Card indexes to Land Claims, Caveats, etc. c. 1927–1940. V. Miscellaneous Deeds, Titles, etc. VI. Copies of sketch maps supporting Land Claims registered in Western Pacific High Commission Registers A and B. 1912. VII. Maps and plans...
Dates: 1902 - 1940

NHBS 14: New Hebrides British Service information office records.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-NHBS 14
Scope and Contents

I. General correspondence files from Resident Commissioner's series. 1961–1966 (1959–1967). II. General correspondence files. 1965–1972 (1966–1972). III. Press Cuttings relating to the New Hebrides. 1965–1971. IV. Radio Vila. Territory news bulletins. August 1966–March 1972. V. Miscellaneous papers.

Dates: 1961 - 1972

NHBS 15: Records.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-NHBS 15
Scope and Contents

I. General correspondence files. c1946–c1966. (1916–1969). II. General correspondence files. c1966–c1971. (1921–1971). III. Court records. IV. Regulations and Circulars. 1926–1968.

Dates: 1926 - 1971

NHBS 16: Records.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-NHBS 16
Scope and Contents

I. General correspondence files, subject prefix series. 1964–1975. II. Correspondence files relating to Co-operatives from the Resident Commissioner's general correspondence series. 1953–1961. (1946–1961). III. Correspondence files relating to the Co-operative Movement from the Resident Commissioner's general correspondence series. 1962–1966. (1958–1973). IV. General correspondence files. 1963–1971.

Dates: 1953 - 1975

NHBS 17: Records.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-NHBS 17
Scope and Contents I. Miscellaneous unregistered correspondence. 1909 – 1972. II. Papers relating to the John Frum cult. 1941 – 1964. III. Miscellaneous classified and demi-official correspondence. 1940 – 1958. IV. Records of discussions concerning Protocol Amendment, etc. 1954. V. Schedules of correspondence and telegrams sent and received. 1912 – 1924. VI. Records relating to World War II. 1943 – 1947. VII. Agreements for the supply of electricity etc. 1939 – 1960. VIII. Authenticated copies of Queen's...
Dates: 1903 - 1974

NHBS 19: Records.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-NHBS 19
Scope and Contents

I. Lists, indexes, and registers of correspondence. 1943–1954. II. Secret and confidential correspondence files, MP series. 1907–1942 (1926–1941). III. Secret and confidential correspondence files. 1943–1953. (1936–1958). IV. Secret and confidential files, unnumbered. 1938–1964.

Dates: 1907 - 1964

Western Pacific archives.

Identifier: MSS-Archives-2003/1-Collection
Scope and Contents Consists of records of the Western Pacific High Commission, the British Commissioner and Consul in Tonga, and the New Hebrides British Service. For lists of contents see under entries for the relevant body: Great Britain. Agent and Consul, Tonga; Great Britain. High Commission for Western Pacific Islands; New Hebrides. British Service. Associated materials: Many of the early registers and indexes to correspondence, and material relating to Tonga, are available on microfilm. See Voyager under...
Dates: 1875 - 1978

Western Pacific High Commission correspondence indexes and registers (WPHC 4/I, 4/II and 4/III)

Identifier: MSS Archives-2003/1-WPHC 4-Vol. 1
Scope and Contents Control records for the Western Pacific High Commission inwards correspondence, MP series, including WPHC4/I. Indexes: 1897 – 1941; WPHC4/II. Inwards correspondence registers: 1875 – 1941; and WPHC4/III. Alphabetical indexes to accounts inwards correspondence, 1924 – 1946. These registers and indexes relate to WPHC4/IV. Inwards correspondence, MP series: 1875 – 1941. Due to the size of WPHC4/IV it has been described in single or two yearly runs with separate collection records...
Dates: 1875 - 1946